Sign-Up Now

Sign-up for the new eMV PARTNER system is available.

The following items are necessary for sign-up:

  1. WAMS ID (If you don't already have one, get it here.)
    Step-by-Step video on the WAMS ID Process: here
  2. Terminal ID
  3. Dealer Number or Secured Party Number (if applicable)
  4. Legal Business Name
  5. Adobe Acrobat Reader (Get it here, if your computer doesn’t already have this program)
  6. Begin the Sign-Up process here: emvpartner.wi.gov

What is

A new system called eMV PARTNER will modernize the electronic title-registration processing by replacing eMV11 and eMV Agent, and enhancing current Vendor Agent systems.

PARTNER stands for Processing Applications Renewals and Titles with New Electronic Resources. The eMV PARTNER team and Vendors are working on many enhancements and new features that will launch in mid 2019.

What can I

To prepare for the new enhancements and features that will be available, all organizations and users of eMV11, eMV Lien (currently eMV Agent), and Vendor systems will need to sign-up their organization on the eMV PARTNER website.

In the past, signing up through a DOT approved Vendor, eMV11 or eMV Agent required a complex exchange of paper forms, emails and faxes. The good news is eMV PARTNER will offer an all-electronic sign-up process that makes it faster and easier than ever! Also, the new system will notify you as your application moves through the approval process.

Sounds Great!

The new electronic sign-up process is now available at emvpartner.wi.gov.

All Organizations, including those who process titles and registrations through a Vendor, will be required to sign-up using the new website.

DMV staff recommends that your organization complete their sign-up by May 2019 to prevent any delays in processing capabilities upon the full release of PARTNER in 2019. The new features for DOT approved Vendors, eMV11 and eMV Lien (currently eMV Agent) users are expected to debut next year. You’ll only be able to use the new system if you’ve completed your sign-up!